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Where do they film all the movies?

In the last decade Liverpool has been the backdrop for some of the most high profile movies and TV programmes, from Batman to Peaky Blinders. Liverpool is the place By Elleven call home so its no surprise to us that film makers flock to the City, it is steeped in History, Musical and Maritime.

We asked Business Development Manager at Liverpool Film Office, Sharon Simons how a City with less than half a million residents became the place to make movies.

Q. Living and working in Liverpool Sharon, were you Born and Bred here or have you adopted the City as your own?

I was born and brought up in North Liverpool. I have worked in Liverpool all of my career and so proud to call the City my own.

Q. Tell us what the appeal of Liverpool is to the Film Industry?

Peaky Blinders, Fast & Furious, Batman and Doctor Who are some of the biggest hitters to set up shop in the region in recent years. Liverpool is the most filmed City outside of London. Favoured by Film Makers for its amazing locations and backdrop; recreating London, New York, Chicago and Gotham to name a few. From the Water Street to the Georgian Quarter to the North Docks you will probably see filming on your travels.

Not only do we have the locations, the LFO have recently opened ‘The Depot’ which is two purpose-built, 20,000 sq ft film and TV production units situated on Edge Lane, under the shadow of the iconic Littlewoods building - the centre of an ongoing project to see it restored as a studio of its own.

Liverpool also known for its warm welcome to Productions and Tourists alike (Liverpool has recently voted one of the most friendliest City by Conde Naste Travellers). From vibrant nightlife, restaurants and attractions there is so much for the cast and crew to do whilst they are here.

The Film sector generated £18.7m of inward investment through 2021 alone, with hopes of smashing a £20m target in the coming year.

Q. In comparison to London, Liverpool is tiny, how do you manage the chaos filming brings to the City?

The Liverpool Film Office is a fairly small team considering the number of Productions that come into the City but we have a great team in the Liverpool City Council behind us from Highways, Planning and the Police who help us ensure filming happen smoothly.

We also work closely with the local residents and businesses such as hotels, offices, car parks, car hire and smaller studios so when a Production is coming to town we get their brief and make introductions, hopefully making their life easier so they can focus on the Filming.

So we may be a tiny team of 6 but we feel we have an extended LFO team of in the City Region.

Q. Tell us you Favourite Movie or TV programme filmed in Liverpool

I love Peaky Blinders, I took a while to watch it then got through two series in a weekend (obviously before having two children)!

Q. Movies bring with them Actors and Celebrities, what do they think of Liverpool?

Cast and Crew alike all love Liverpool, they feel the Scouse Welcome. We have some fantastic Cultural offers, hotels, restaurants and bars in Liverpool that know how to look after our clients when they have down time so they end up having their favourites when they come back again.

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did.

Joanne & Rachel x


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