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Our Values

At By Elleven we are striving to become a conscious and sustainable brand. This is an ongoing journey for us and we will continue to learn as we grow.

We are not fast fashion! We support the slow fashion movement, buying what you love and wearing it time and time again. We choose quality over quantity and help to support the environment by opting for fabrics that increase biodiversity, such as organic, recycled and ethically sourced materials. We produce in small batches to reduce waste, but if something is popular we may re-stock so please get in touch if you don't see your size.


We also offer a curated selection of vintage, handpicked by us to wear with your pieces from our main collection. By giving these clothes another lease of life, we are preventing them from ending up on landfill and hopefully helping to put an end to the cycle of throw away fashion. We love the idea of our customers styling their By Elleven pieces with our vintage collection. Our styling advice comes from stylists who understand that the clothes you buy should work as hard as you do, our debut collection is full of wardrobe essentials, whether you're working from home or meeting friends for lunch, we have your life uniform covered.


The By Elleven woman can be any age, great style doesn't have an upper age limit. With fast fashion brands saturating the market and designer brands’ prices spiralling out of reach, we wanted to create a collection for women with busy lifestyles who want ease of dressing, high quality fabrics through a conscious way of shopping.

“We believe now more than ever women think before they make a purchase - do they need it? how often will they wear it? being wasteful is out of fashion. We have created a collection that is really easy to wear, and we show you how to style it to personalise your look”

By Elleven has a zero plastic policy. Our swing tags are made from recycled cardboard and we send each order wrapped in acid free tissue paper, without the need for unnecessary plastic packaging.  Our delivery bags are 100% compostable and they can be re-used for returns if need be. We try our best to keep returns to a minimum to reduce our carbon footprint, so we are on hand to answer any queries regarding sizing or you can view our size chart on the website. 

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts.  

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