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How to Stay Calm Q&A with Julie Hamshere

Our slow-fashion ethos means we don't emails encouraging you to buy something new every week, but we do want to connect with you, so we have collaborated with experts in Health & Beauty to bring you tips each week on how to look after yourself. This week we have joined up with Hypno-Psychotherapy Practitioner Julie Hamshere to give you tips on staying calm. We hope you enjoy Jo & Rachel


We have mostly all been working from home for some time now but many of us are still struggling to switch from ‘work’ to ‘home’ mode at the end of our working day. This is unhealthy and inevitably adds to our feelings of stress. We must learn how to stop and let go of work and we have asked Hypno-psychotherapy practitioner Julie Hamshere from FeelThinkDo to share some of her top tips to get through our day.



Julie has been a qualified Hypno-psychotherapy practitioner for over 10 years and is a practicing reflexologist. She started on this path some years ago after a serious accident when she started to investigate alternative ways of coping with pain. At the time, as a media researcher, Neuroscience was increasingly being used for consumer research, and as she looked more into this she realised the importance of our subconscious mind in behaviour change. She soon found the link to hypnosis as a tool for pain management by way of the subconscious and was quickly hooked on how great she felt as a result, much calmer and more able to cope.


Headache Help - Many people have told me that they are getting headaches more often at the moment. To help ease headaches without reaching for the headache tablets, why not try using some simple facial reflexology points. Follow the tips below, and i have included a link with more tips on how to manage headaches and other problems using facial reflexology points

  1. Taking both thumbs, press up under the inside (thickest part) of the eyebrow and stimulate for three seconds, three times using a firm pressure. This point may feel a little sensitive but don’t worry that's normal.

  2. Then squeeze the bridge of the nose for three seconds, three times. For more tips on how to manage headaches and other problems follow the link below


Just Breathe - follow the tips below a few times each day or whenever you need to feel instantly calm and relaxed. Spend some time acknowledging your breathing, you can do this anywhere - sitting, lying down, or standing - all you need to do is consciously breathe as you fully engage your stomach muscles.

  1. As you take your first deep, (but comfortable) breath down into your stomach, really push out your belly, (place your hands on your belly so you can feel it).

  2. As you breathe out suck your belly in - really think about this as you breathe. It might feel a little strange at first, but just do this for a few breath cycles and instantly notice how you start to relax and calm down. You may even feel a little light headed.I promise you, just this simple act of conscious daily breathing will improve your wellbeing




If lockdown has meant you are now working from home it can be difficult to switch off and move away from your job - both physically and mentally. Most of us usually have a clear work boundary, which for many has disappeared. I truly believe it is important to make a clear distinction between work and non-work areas.

The below tips will help.

1. Put away any work related paraphernalia at the end of each day, especially if you are working from a room that serves another purpose like a kitchen, bedroom or lounge.

2. Just hide away the laptop, pens etc. and make a clean break. Replace your working area with plants or flowers to create a different look and feel. And you could even change your clothes.

3. Take a walk around the block or the garden just to physically switch from work mode.

To help you at the end of every day, listen to my guided hypnosis session, listen to this regularly, and soon you will naturally be able to switch off your internal work clock too.

I hope you find these tips helpful

Julie x


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