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Style Crush and Celebrities with TV Presenter Lucie Cave

This week we ask Lucie Cave, Chief Content Officer at Bauer Media and former Editor of HEAT Magazine about her favourite celeb and style crush.

Favourite Famous person you have interviewed?

Aaah lots of them have been great for different reasons. I loved going to LA to interview Paris Hilton because she was totally different to her ditzy persona and was like this smart talking, funny business woman. Davina McCall is always an absolute joy. And Dermot and Ant & Dec always have time for everyone and are just genuinely nice. My fave though has to be Joey Essex - I ghost wrote his book Being Reem and he always makes me laugh and smile. There are many layers to him and he has a heart of gold. I love him.

Describe your own personal style in a sentence.

One of my work colleagues once described it as ‘Maverick’ which I quote enjoyed - I love layering, bright colours, anything that shouldn’t go together but somehow does.

Which celebrity do you think has great style?

I have always loved Sienna Miller’s outfits - she is someone whose pictures I could get lost in for days. I also love Laura Whitmore’s style and Alexa Chung never lets me down.

Having observed celebrity culture for so long, is fame all its cracked up to be?

I think as long as you go into it not taking it seriously and maintaining a level of irony to all you do then yes, you can enjoy the ride and own the joke. But when you get sucked in and take it all too seriously without preserving your own private sense of self - that’s when the cracks will appear. And if possible turn off all of your comments on social media!


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