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Not Older, Just Hotter - Sarah Curran MBE

Menopause is a HOT topic (pun intended) we feel so grateful that finally women are speaking up about the health challenges they face as they enter the Menopause, it means the next generation of women wont need to suffer in silence and can benefit from the shared knowledge.

Serial Digital Entrepreneur Sarah Curran MBE has just launched Just Hotter, the go-to place for women 40+ for health, wellness and beauty, and what do women 40+ have in common? We talk to Sarah about why Just Hotter is such an important new retail concept for women.

Just Hotter is the 3rd Startup you have launched, What are the biggest differences between launching a business in your 30s, 40s and now your 50s (positive & negatives) -

Yeah, this is my third startup which has made it to launch.  I've had many ideas which have withered on the vine, and I love the process of working through an idea.  And then it builds its own momentum.  This time around, has been more controlled in the sense that I'm living through the problem that JH is there to solve and I am passionate about the menopause and all her complexities, 48 of the buggers to be exact.  Startups are always a test of resilience, and now I have the experience to talk myself down from the ledge, as the journey is never a straight line, it's messy, chaotic but amazing and liberating and never two days are the same.  I love that I get to do this for the 3rd time. I know how to manage myself better than I ever have.  That's the benefit of hitting 50.

How do you define Success and does that differ from what you would have said 10, 20 years ago? 

Chasing success is a slippery fish, as it's impossible to hold on to.  I prefer to focus on loving what I do and doing what I love.  I am also extremely ambitious, competitive and determined/stubborn, and I know what I want to accomplish and get out of it.  I have an extremely quiet life, and I spend more time with family than I have for a long time.  This is what's important to me.

Just Hotter is dedicated to Women in their 40s and beyond, what is your biggest goal  / intention? 

Our intention is to be the go to place for women 40+ for health, wellness and beauty.  We focus on solutions to problem areas, and funnily enough the menopause is behind most of them, so the menopause is the common thread.  But we also want to be a place where women can go to watch, learn and talk about everything from sex, health, beauty and of course that complex beast, the menopause.

The Wellness market for women in Peri / Menopause is relatively new and it can be overwhelming to know what products will help, how do you decide what products make it on Just Hotter?

The products which we select for JH have been tried and tested.  It's very noisy in the supplement world, but not all supplements are created equal.  We have found a group of female founded supplements which have tried and tested results and the highest quality.  We are still in soft launch, and January will see the range grow from 6 brands to over 40.  We're super excited about that!

Tell us your Daily Routine, What Supplements / Exercise do you swear by?

I am extremely strict with my routine and wellness, and I feel better than I have in a long time.  After many difficult periods I am now left with anxiety which I have to manage closely. So my daily routine is always a non negotiable, and starts the evening before, because sleep is a priority in my routine. I look to go to bed at 8pm which means I can wake up super early.  Running and walking are important to my mental health and I have a routine of supplements which have really helped with menopause symptoms, but energy levels also.  I then make a green juice, with spinach, kale (when it's in season) ginger, lemons and apples.  This balances my blood sugar levels.  With this I take the following supplements: 

Marine Collagen, Chlorophyll, Prebiotics, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, NMN, Quercetin and Iron.  I end the day around 6pm with an Epsom salt bath.  I use this as my opportunity to wind down and watch my guilty pleasure of the moment before going to bed and starting all over again.  

What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs?

Research your space.  Become a total expert.  Understand who your audience is, become laser focused on them.  The journey is long, and it's never a straight line.  Be prepared for the ups and downs, and take the lesson from every experience, both positive and negative.  Finally surround yourself with positive people.  We often have enough negative thoughts in our own minds, we don't have space for more of them.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Get yourself a mentor.  Someone who has been there and done that in the space you're looking to work in, they will help you navigate effectively.  They can be your sounding board for ideas and problem solving.   And stop comparing yourself to others and the appearance of what they have.  Other people's opinions of you, are none of your business, and never talk badly of others.  Be a positive person, don't be that person who talks badly of others from a place of jealousy.  That's never a good look to only be bitching about people, plus it's draining for others to be around.  Celebrate everyone's success.  

Sarah is a serial digital entrepreneur, recognised for building brands which resonate with key target audiences.  

In 2005 she launched The third online destination at the time, with a focus on a clear target audience. In 2013, Sarah was awarded an MBE for services to fashion and retail.  

In 2015 Sarah launched Very-Exclusive, the premium destination for The success was again down to a clear target audience, and understanding their needs and aspirations for products and customer experience.

In 2018 Sarah joined French Connection Plc as Digital non-executive director.

In 2020 she joined True Fit, a US tech B2B retail personalisation platform, as International Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer.  

In 2023 she launched, together with Natasha.


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