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What to pack for a Weekend Away

It’s finally legal to hug your nearest and dearest but those of us who had mini breaks on foreign shores planned are still doing the hokey kokey, with flights to many destinations being cancelled and confusing restrictions meaning we are welcome in some countries but face quarantine restrictions on our return.

I would love nothing more than to dig out a bikini and warm my bones in the Mediterranean sunshine, but i could think of worse places than the UK to explore for the weekend, when blessed with warm weather our coastlines are as beautiful as anywhere in the world, only problem is we don’t always get the weather do we?

There is nothing more miserable than being caught out in the wrong clothes when you’re away from home so trips in this country require some planning, our unpredictable climate doesn’t lend its self to packing light, but on the bright side there are no excess baggage costs.

In a stroke of luck, thanks to lockdown, most of us have a few extra casual pieces in our repertoire which should mean not having to buy an awful lot in the way of hoodies for layering should the wind whip up, that said no one want to feel like a bag of rags, clothes built for comfort don’t have to be scruffy and a few clever tricks & accessories will help you go from tent / caravan / holiday home to ready in an instant.

Sunglasses. Scrimp or save I don’t care how much they cost , but don’t use them for just for their function, they are there to frame your face, have a break from black or tortoise shell and try a translucent or a bright frame. Next, categorise your trackie pants, We all have those we are happy to leave the house in, and those we are not, only take the former on holiday, same goes for leggings, add a blazer and a white t-shirt and you’re immediately less scruffy.

Trainers are more than acceptable to wear out for dinner but your gym trainers wont elevate any outfit, keep them for hiking around beauty spots. Inspired by French Influencers we love Baseball caps with everything and anything, keep logos & colour subtle to keep it fashion.

Finally an over sized poplin shirt is a mini break must have it’s so versatile, it can be layered over a swimsuit if the mercury rises, half tucked into jeans for lunch or iron it and add gold jewellery to instantly smarten up for dinner.

Et Voila, or should that be, there you go, UK Mini Break ready.


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