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Styling Los Angeles

Super Stylist Whitney Olschwanger talks all things LA... Spring isn't far off and we've been daydreaming of leaving the unpredictable weather of the UK behind in exchange for a warmer climate. And one such place that we're forever intrigued by is Los Angeles.

You recently opened a new office and studio space in LA, was this something you’ve always wanted to do?


WO: Previously I was hosting pop ups a lot and was hosting some out of spaces and some out of my home. I was planning on living in Paris June of 2020 and hosting pop ups during men’s fashion week so clients could shop and come home with items, but due to the pandemic that couldn’t happen. I started thinking about the concept of an office due to receiving so many boxes everyday for myself and clients and I just really wanted my own space to be creative, host and take meetings with clients and potential clients. I wanted a safe space that was always evolving and felt like home.


We're looking forward to Spring and Summer this year but we don't love our Summer wardrobes. We feel much more comfortable in Autumn layers! Living in sunny Los Angeles, can you advise on how to still look cool and stylish in the sun? 


WO: I have found myself buying a lot of sandals recently. I bought a pair of Bottega Veneta teal slides and they go with everything. It’s so fun to accessorise with pops of colour and keep the palette all white or all black and then add gold/silver accessories or colour. There are also so many great sunglass brands doing fun things so I’ve been investing in new shades. I’ve also found some great short options lately that are perfect for the warm weather. I’m loving this denim pair from Isabel Marant styled oversized a bit with a top tucked in. I have also been wearing a lot of skirts. I have a denim option from Loewe and a green pleated one from Sacai that seem to be regulars on my rotation.

As an Independent Brand ourselves we do our best to support and shop with other local retailers. What are your favourite local spots for eating out? 


WO: I have a couple that I have been wanting to try and that are in my neighbourhood of my new office space.

- Courage bagels- I'm not supposed to eat gluten but these are considered to be some of the best bagels in the US so I have to have cheat days sometimes. 

- Kinkan sushi- a new spot by my office. Their sushi looks so fresh and amazing. I cannot wait to try it

- Cafe Stella - my local spot to have a date or meet friends

- Speranza - my favourite Italian spot in the neighborhood

- Little Pine - a really amazing Vegan spot in the neighborhood

- Forage - I get their bowls once a week at the office, they are so tasty


And your favourite local LA shops and Boutiques?


WO: My favourite local shops...

- Mohawk general store 

- Virgil normal 

- County Ltd 

- Just one eye

- Teller shop

- the optimist 

- Else lingerie 

- Des Kohan 

- Dpto 

- OK

- Undefeated


I have so many but I feel like this is a good start:)

Whitney wears her blue stripe Vintage Reimagined shirt on holiday in Italy.

They are the perfect lightweight and airy cover up for warm weather. 


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