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Taking Kair of your clothes

Sustainability comes in many forms and the easiest of these is looking after your clothes so that they last longer, because the longer something stays in your wardrobe or in circulation (re selling etc) the longer it's kept from landfill. It also keeps your clothing soft and bright colours bright. Interested? Read on. 

By Elleven clothing is premium quality and those of you who have shopped with us know how well they wash, it just so happens to be feedback that we receive all of the time and we're super proud of that. However we know that to be more sustainable we need to wash our clothes less, but this isn't always a realistic option. Life can be messy and inevitably your clothes are going to end up in the wash. So how can we keep them looking their best whilst being kinder to the planet? Using a gentle detergent that is kinder to your clothes helps them last longer. We want our Organic Cotton to stay soft after all.

Intro luxury fabric wash brand Kair. These guys leave out the bleaching agents, optical brighteners & enzymes from their products that can damage clothing fibres. Plus they smell amazing and look pretty good on your shelves too. Kair formulas are biodegradable and free from phosphates, phthalates and SLS. And if that wasn't enough to have you heading straight to their website, their bottles are glass and can be refilled or recycled. Extra green points!


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