Introducing... Tanice Elizabeth

Tanice Elizabeth has us hooked with her personal style, the perfect blend of dressed down cool but keeps it looking polished. We caught up with the Belfast based Influencer & Lawyer and asked her how does she make it work?

When did you start your Instagram account, and was your plan to become a fashion influencer? I started my account in January 2020. I used to capture my outfits and life through photos and send them to friends and family, but never really posted them on a social channel. I was lacking a creative output in my life and so (after a little push from friends and family) it became a very natural progression. I didn’t have a plan, I just used it to express myself and I’m so glad I did. You’re born and based in Belfast, do you have a favourite city? Tell us your favourite places to eat / shop / visit I do love living in Belfast. Everything is quite close by…. However I think I would love to try living in Copenhagen for a while - I recently visited and love the look of the lifestyle there for young, working families. Eating out was amazing and although I didn’t ‘shop’, the Inspiration around was liberating.

Your feed is beautifully curated with a neutral palette, do you ever go wild and wear bright colours? Haha - occasionally! I really have to be in the mood. Recently, at my friends wedding I wore a green gown from The Own Studio and contrasted it with red make up. It was pretty ‘out there’ for me, but once I get something in my head I usually try to execute it. You’re a working mum, how do you fit in being an influencer with a demanding day job and a family, what are your tips for work / life balance? Well, recently I have struggled with this. A few years ago I went through a stage of not knowing what I wanted to do professionally. I love working with legal documents but I have always been such a creative person that I felt my life was lacking a creative output. That’s why I started my Instagram account and it just took off from there. It was very natural and I think if you love something, you’ll always make time for it. Always schedule in time for yourself, family and friends. I truly believe that I work to live and so balance is key

What is your go to weekend outfit? I do have to say that on the weekends, I tend to wear sweats more than anything else. I’m so comfortable in them that I feel like I can wear them for any occasion, be it a coffee run or a night out. Sweats are my safe space.

You can buy the Crewneck and Trackpants Tanice is wearing above here...

How do you style your By Elleven Grey Tracksuit ? Easy; usually matching top and bottoms, sneakers, knit socks and a big overcoat.

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