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Healthy Hair Tips from Creative Director of Collinge & Co.

Jayne Littler is a hairstylist based at Andrew Collinge Castle Street in Liverpool, we asked her to spill the tea on why , how and when she became a hairdresser and of course her tips for having salon worthy hair.

Becoming a hairstylist was never my dream, I always wanted to be a physiotherapist but a by chance stint of work experience at Andrew Collinge changed my outlook on my career.

I started my journey around the time Andrew won British Hairdresser of the year and had the pleasure of assisting him and Liz on some fantastic jobs that have taken me to places far a field and meeting exiting people along the way. That was me hooked!

From Royal Weddings to London & Paris fashion weeks, Red Carpet events - my feet didn’t touch the floor, but I always keeping myself in touch with what our clients want by still working in the salon.

I enjoy being able to dip into different parts of my job, red carpet one day and back into the salon next, I believe that everyone deserves the red carpet treatment and girl code is on my list of priorities - always being honest and truthful when we get ideas of looks that may not be ‘right’ for us, we’ve all done it!

Mine was one month after I had my first daughter, in desperate need of a pick me up I decided that a fringe just like the model/actress Suki Waterhouse was obviously the perfect thing for me to recreate on my tired and some what more rounder face, yep - awful.

If your not familiar with Suki she is blessed with all tings cool girl and wears effortless hair with a heavy slightly shorter fringe than the norm. I had to constantly raise my eyebrows for around a month and I was gutted that I had done it to myself, and I couldn’t even blame anyone!

Update your products..

Andrew Collinge Argan oil will help create shine and will also help to smooth, use this to blow-dry and to style.

Also level up your every day conditioner to a masque. I recommend Masquintense by Kerastase.

Also style with Sebastian Whipped Creme apply to wet hair for a sleek wave or before drying for more of a tousled look.

Product I can’t live without at the moment had to be the Sebastian Whipped creme its just so versatile, I mix it with the Co by Andrew Collinge Blow dry lotion as a light mist for a lived in feel at the root.

Holiday Hair Must Haves...

The cap, is one of my summer essentials. Keeping the summer hair on trend the trusty cap should be on the list of must haves to keep not only your hair in condition but also look after your skin. All these looks can be and should be worn with a cap.

A wet look will have a laid back and effortless feel, smother your hair in your treatment of choice and comb back from the face with a wide tooth comb.

Another look is to twist the hair up and secure loosely with long pins also don’t forget about the plait no stress on the hair as this may cause breakage with elastics that are too tight.

Try and visit the salon before you go to start with the hair in the best condition before you get into the sun.

Ditch the straighteners, go with your hairs natural look, rather than trying to fight the frizz.


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