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We Talk Amy Winehouse and Butties with The Zutons Front Man Dave McCabe

The man responsible for writing one of the most Iconic songs of the noughties, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and fellow Scouser Dave McCabe, agreed to answer our questions. The Zutons front man is currently writing the bands first album in 13 years with Chic Legend, Nile Rogers.

Read on to hear his thoughts on buttys, babies and Amy Winehouse.

You were Born in Liverpool, a city steeped in musical history, did you always want to be a musician and who were your early musical inspirations?

I loved Metal first, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Faith no more, that type of dance, I've gone back to it recently because I've turned on meself and wanna live it all again (sic)

You toured the world with The Zutons, what was favourite Country or City you visited?

Touring is always a lot of fun, the best part, or one of the best parts of the job. We ain't toured recently and I do miss it. Best Place we've been is either Iceland, New York or Wolverhampton, because they do these butty's down the road from that gig that are covered in Gravy.

Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse covered the Zutons hit “Valerie” which you originally sang & wrote, what did you think of their version when it came out?

I thought it was the best compliment any artist could ever give you, never mind it being Amy Winehouse, That song is so huge now, but its still mine, I am kind of the VAL!

If you could pick an artist to cover one of your songs who would you choose and what would they sing?

I would pick James Brown to do Pressure Point, because it would be the best thing in the world ever, my ass is nipping just thinking about it...

You recently became a Dad, Congratulations! How has it changed your outlook on the world and your future?

Being a Dad is the best, I've become less of a selfish brat and starting behaving like a decent human being as opposed to me before, with no real focus or goal. Sounds harsh and yeah it is, but i love him, his kind ways make me wonder about who I really am. Its all about me,me,me,me isn't it? Hahahaha

My favourite thing is waking up to him in the morning and seeing him smile at me, I also love being in the end with him there next to me and Paula, its my little clan and my massive world,

Long Live the kids.


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