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Slow-ette Down with Hannah Rochell

Hannah Rochell is a sustainable fashion journalist, author and content creator. After a 12-year career working as a fashion editor at titles including InStyle and The Times, Hannah pivoted to working solely in the field of sustainability in 2019, which has seen her launch her own website - - as well as creating digital content for sustainable brands. Hannah can be found on Instagram @hannah.rochell and writing for the likes of the Evening Standard and The Telegraph.

Tell us what the term Slow Fashion means to you?

Slow fashion means slowing down the pace of everything and prolonging the life of our wardrobes. From the frequency with which we buy new clothes and the time we then spend enjoying and wearing them, to how long it takes to ethically and sustainably create them, and, ultimately, how long the materials can be kept usefully in circulation. It means making wearing items at least thirty times the absolute minimum we should expect from our clothes (and that they should expect from us in return). It means caring for and cherishing our clothes, and repairing them if they need a little TLC. While it might seem that only certain parts of the fashion machine process are within our control as consumers, we can certainly make a difference by choosing not to spend our money at fast fashion businesses that exploit workers and use polluting materials and production methods, and instead embrace the brands that are doing things responsibly. Slow fashion also means embracing second hand, renting and swapping what already exists.

Oldest item in your wardrobe? 

The oldest item in my wardrobe is the emerald green jacket my mum wore away on her honeymoon in 1969. There was once a matching A-line mini skirt but sadly it succumbed to a rusty zip incident in the attic before I had a chance to get my hands on it.

Tell us about any clothes you bought that you now regret and why?

Before I changed my ways and stopped following trends, nearly everything I bought from the high street was a short-lived love because I just hadn't thought it through. I remember in particular a bright top in a man made fabric that had wholly impractical flute sleeves. Ironically, it was the exact same colour as my oldest item but the fabric was really horrible. Now I consider everything that enters my wardrobe so carefully, I can safely say I haven't had any regrets for the past five years.

What about something you wish you had bought as it would have been a good investment?

I wish I'd bought a second pair of Birkenstock Boston clogs when I bought my first pair because they were so much cheaper 10 years ago!  

If you only buy one item this season what will it be and why does it add value to your wardrobe?

I've already bought it! It's a really great pair of trousers that are like a Japanese/chino hybrid. They were made to order and they're both a real statement piece and a classic at the same time. Thanks to the colour, they go with everything, but they're far from being boring because of their shape. They make me feel really well put together but incredibly comfy at the same time. 


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