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Toronto Calling - Lauren Walker Lee

Lauren Walker Lee is a Toronto based stylist and creative consultant, who got her start in fashion PR in New York and London before living in Liverpool for 6 years with her husband and opening her own online boutique. She now hosts her own digital series Talking & Shopping and podcast WTFashion?!   

Lauren invited By Elleven onto her WTFashion podcast, but first of all she gave us the low down on Fashion and life in Toronto.

You are based in Toronto, your husband is British and you have lived in Liverpool and New York, how do the Cities compare?  


Oh my gosh I miss Europe so much, there is just culture and character everywhere. Toronto isn’t a fashion city but we do our best with what we have. One thing we are good at is outerwear you have a lot of coats when you are Canadian. New York has their vibe just built right into the fabric of the city much like Shoreditch and Hackney and that is something Toronto doesn’t have, we are just nice and Canadian as you would guess.

What if anything do you miss about the UK? 


 I miss deep rooted character and culture, and quick flights to Ibiza. I miss shopping in London. I miss going to Maray on Bold Street in Liverpool, and Salt House and the FACT cinema. I also do totally miss the wild Saturday nights out seeing all the frocks, glitter, and self tan. 

You work as a Stylist, tell us about Fashion and the Shopping in Toronto


Shopping wise, I am spoiled having London and New York on my life resume. Shopping is getting better here and I am pleased a lot of stores survived the pandemic given we had the longest lockdowns of anywhere. We just got a SIZE? which I found to be both hilarious and amazing. It is on the Ossington strip which is a great part of town for shopping and eating, and West Queen West nearby is also worth noting for boutique shopping.  There really is something for everyone.  Kensington Market is a great part of town with great food international shops, and vintage stores. We have super high end luxury in Yorkville which is actually quite glam and fun to do sometimes - Chanel and fancy cars kinda thing. If we had WAGS that’s where they would be. 

What is your go-to every-day look?


 It’s comfortable, and creative most of the time - I can be a minimalist on one hand and maximalist on the other. But cool and comfortable is important and I love a dress! Dresses are my jam but there is often a juxtaposition contrasting feminine and masculine with anything I wear. I love high heals or unique footwear and will dress from the ground up. I’m not a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, so lots of trousers and great coats.


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