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One Day in Hamburg

We asked Hamburg based Content Creators @emelyrh and @emmajoyjenrich for their insiders guide to the City.

First up, Strolling around and grabbing a coffee at Elbgold in Schanze. 

Then grabbing an iced matcha latte at Gotcha Matcha, right beside gotcha matcha is a new ice cream spot called Nais, You can get the famous Dua Lipa ice there.

For coffee (good cardamom buns and danish breakfast) and dinner and drinks with friends we are going to Kiosque. A small restaurant with a good vibe and really good food and natural wines. 

Our must do in Hamburg:

Taking the fairy to the Elbstrand - a little beach section with a beautiful view at the Harbour of Hamburg. Also visiting the platform of the Elbphilharmonie and visiting a concert there. 

To get around Hamburg we enjoy riding the bike because you’ll see a lot of more beautiful streets and details of the city. The metro U3 is a comfortable ride - it's the circular railway of the city and brings you to all the best spots.

For us, Hamburg is the best city when it comes to diversity. You have so many different neighbourhoods and with that, also many beautiful different people and styles. When it becomes to style we love to do vintage/second hand shopping especially at Humana. There are many great stores around Hamburg. 


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