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Modern Capsule Wardrobe

Wardrobe essentials. We have all seen the lists in magazines and they look a little bit like this?...

White button down shirt

Little black dress

Dark jeans

Tailored blazer

Basic t-shirts

Classic trench coat

Comfortable flats

Black pumps

Tote bag

Statement accessory

While there are definitely some useful pieces within this list, as a collection of clothes aren't they just a little bit "Stepford Wife" for 2023?

Wardrobe Essentials should be the things YOU reach for time and time again and they should also work for your lifestyle. Take the little black dress, about as useful to most people as a chocolate kettle, especially since working from home made everyday look like casual Friday. And whats with the obsession with dark jeans? Any colour denim jeans can be a wardrobe essential if they are a great fit and work with lots of other elements in your wardrobe.

Same goes for the shirt, a slightly oversized white shirt can be a great addition to your wardrobe, but a slightly oversized striped shirt is just as versatile, possibly more so as you can take it on holiday without the white cotton & suncream conundrum.

Things we think should be included in the wardrobe essentials list include.

A Hoodie, an essential layering piece, yes its cosy for the school run, gym run, shopping run (delete as appropriate) but it also acts as the "3rd piece" which is the garment that takes your outfit from one dimensional to styled, other examples of the "3rd piece" include a blazer under your coat, knitwear thrown over your shoulders or a waistcoat under your jacket, they are the items that turn your clothes into

"a look".

A Cap, for good hair days and bad, the humble baseball cap is no longer for going incognito, it's an essential styling tool when you want to drag a simple look into stylish territory. Neutrals or Brights both work equally well and they are a great way to introduce colour to an otherwise tonal wardrobe.

Flattering T-shirts , black, white and grey are never a bad idea, but petrol, granite and slate are modern neutrals, remember the fit and weight of the t-shirt is so important as all t-shirts are not created equal. Consider the length of the sleeve, the cut of the crew neck and how heavy the cotton is before you buy one in another colour, if you don't wear it on repeat its not an essential.

A cotton tote. As much of a styling tool as it is a sustainable shopping bag, we like a logo, we also like a flash of colour, we don't go anywhere without one, once you start, neither will you.

Wardrobe Essentials you wear on repeat. What are yours?

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