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Stylish Waterproof Boots

I have a dog, a puppy to be precise, and while i don’t plan to bore you with any more details (don’t call me a dog mum) but what this new addition to my life has made me realise is that I don’t own the correct footwear for winter walks, damp leaves, muddy verges and rain don’t mix with my existing shoe collection which on rotation are Suede Birkenstock Boston mules and box fresh New Balance, neither of which can withstand any kind of inclement weather.

Even before the canine, my shoe collection was missing this type of outdoor shoe, the school run on a rainy day threw up a similar problem, any footwear with suede on, any shoes that aren’t a full shoe (I’m partial to a mule due to its lazy girl slip on qualities) but also white trainers and rain equal not so white trainers, and I come from the hip-hop school of footwear, i like them to look brand new for as long as possible, and while i do own leather chunky sole boots, I like them and would prefer they stay looking the way they do and not weather beaten.

So before I give you the low down on practical shoes allow me to caveat this with the following, these shoes must work with my normal everyday clothes, I don’t plan on becoming someone who wears a full length waxed jacket and carries a cane to walk my pooch.

While you won’t catch me in knee length wellington boots (ie Hunters) unless I am on a damp British beach in mid winter, rubber is where this is heading, it’s waterproof and can be rinsed easily. While I have dipped my toe into the world of crocs, for practical reasons i want an ankle length boot, in a dark colour, a hybrid of a lug sole boot and a welly, a tread sole, nothing too narrow as chunky is more modern, less gardeners world.

My everyday clothing consists mainly of trousers, wide trousers aren’t ideal for wet weather unless damp hems are your thing so I wear a cuffed or elastic hem. For full disclosure if you are a regular skirt or dress wearer the following footwear isn’t for you.

Tretorn have a black rubber ankle boot for £90 while Stutterheims Rainwater boot is £150, a rubber boot is for everyone , pooch or no pooch.


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