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Socks with Sandals

I was introduced to a new world recently, a world I had no idea anyone over the age of 12 inhabited, a world of Fantasy and Sci-fi, Manga and Marvel, I went to Comic-Con.

If you aren’t familiar the clue is in the name, It’s a convention for fans of Comic Books and Film Heroes and die hard fans dress up. I spotted everyone from Sonic the Hedgehog to Hagrid from Harry Potter and while my initial reaction was bemusement I quickly learnt that’s not how is works at Comic-Con. Its the most inclusive gathering of people I have ever witnessed, no snide glances or eye-rolling, its like a fancy dress party minus the alcohol and while Im not a fan of the Fantasy Film genre I am a big fan of a costume party.

I am the adult that seizes the chance to dress up at Halloween, who doesn’t love a bit of face paint and some Malifecent horns? It’s fun, creative and a nice break from the mundane, so why for most of us does the joy of playing dress up end on the 31st October, or put it on ice until we are invited to a costume party?

While I’m not suggesting you head into work dressed as Paddington Bear or go for Cocktails as Alice in Wonderland but fashion in the mainstream can often be prescriptive, “trends” inevitably mean we all start to dress alike, true fashion people aren’t beige or square, look at Vivienne Westwood, Andre Leon Tally and Iris Apfel, fashion innovators who pushed boundaries and proved there is fun to be had when you step out of your comfort zone.

Our comfort zones are all a little different, consider yourself a modest dresser?Try a Lace midi skirt, go as sheer as you dare, big knickers give Miu Miu AW23 vibes, Are you dedicated to wearing trousers & trainers? Go West (ern) in knee high cowboy boots, the low heels are still comfortable but a knee high boot will force you into wearing skirts.

Socks with sandals are a marmite combination, which is strange as I hate marmite but LOVE socks with sandals, and while white tights may be an emerging trend thanks to Louis Vuitton how about colour block red tights? With matching red strappy sandals and a red dress? Red was all over this seasons catwalks from Stella McCartney to Prada its bold but wearable, go head to toe scarlet devil red, horns optional.

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