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How to Wear Red

Is it too soon to talk about the man in the Red Suit? It seems every year his pending arrival means that after Bonfire Night shades of Scarlet and Ruby start to seep into the shops and our wardrobes, and this year is no exception.

Not all Reds are created equal and some are more wearable that others, the shade card for rouge is vast, from Tomato to Garnet Crimson to Carmine and while you won’t ever hear me telling what shades are “suitable” for your hair and skin colour, its a fact that certain shades are more flattering on some that others, if you are planning on wearing a red close to your face I suggest you test drive it before you leave the shop, but as a rule of thumb “colder” reds suit those who have red tones in their skin, while darker skins can pretty much wear all the Reds.

I saw it declared by a prominent influencer wearing a red cardigan on Instagram that Red is the colour the cool girls are wearing, cue hundreds of imitators both on and off line wearing Red. Its a divisive colour, one you rarely see men wearing unless its in the form of a football shirt but for women its got much more glamorous connections, Christian Louboutin Soles springs to mind and some of the most Iconic dresses in movies have been Red, Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or my personal favourite Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but my personal preference for wearing red is a bit more low key.

If you are someone who loves to wear a riot of colour red looks amazing with magenta pink and purple but if subtle is more your vibe stay neutral, black and red works but its not my favourite combination, softer neutrals such as Chocolate Brown, Navy, Beige, Camel and Grey all look amazing with Red.

Red no-no’s for me include Red Velvet - unless its a shoe and Red Mohair - no exceptions,

Red is a great accent colour, you don’t need to wear it head to toe for it to be the main event, pick one red piece, a red coat, a red jumper, or my particular favourite lazy girls way to do red (visible) red socks with open toe sandals, red lips or red nails

Its Lady in Red but for 2023.


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