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Black Friday - Fashion Addicts

Fashion addicts who buy whatever is current will be sporting a Skims ‘Nipple Push up Bra’, designed by the only woman with the front to sell such a thing with a straight face, Kim Kardashian, £53 it comes with a built-in raised nipple detail for a “perky, braless look” its currently sold out but the waiting list is open, for those with a more ample budget Balenciaga’s bath towel skirt, a grey terry towelling bath sheet fashioned into a wrap skirt that retails for £695, no doubt this will be popular with the same people forking out £1350 for the “Trash Bag” by the same designer, those who are interested in a leather bag designed to look like a bin bag head straight to Net A Porter as its online now.

Meanwhile back on Earth many retailers are gearing up for Black Friday, the US inspired discount day which falls this year on 24th November, I remember when this first hit the UK, breakfast news was filled with footage of people stampeding into stores and jostling over zillion inch TVs. Black Friday is no longer limited to big ticket items such as Electricals and we as consumers we have quickly become accustomed to this promotional period, so much so that many retailers are now declining to take part, no doubt because it impacts their sales as customers hang fire on their purchases.

Conscious retailers don’t offer discounts during this time because their full price margins are hiked up enough for such heavy discounts to be worthwhile to them. If a shop can sell a garment for 40/50% off for a short period and still make a profit think about how much it cost to make…

My advice during this time is to treat the promotions as you would any other purchase, a bargain is something you would have bought full price, its the only way to ensure you don’t waste money in the sales. Be strategic, make a list of what your wardrobe is lacking, do you have a dress that is missing the perfect shoe? Or trousers but no pretty tops for Christmas parties? Or have you always wanted a cashmere jumper but balked at the price? this could be your opportunity, but if the colour you want is excluded from the promo wait don’t be tempted, wait for January sales there will be others.

Shop Savvy this Black Friday. Fashion Addicts, you’re on your own.

(Being) Green is the New Black (Friday )


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