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The Best Winter Coats

If I had a bigger house (and an endless budget) high on my list would be luxuries such as an office and a gym, but one other thing I would be sure to make space for isn’t necessarily high on other peoples interior wish lists, a walk in Coat Wardrobe, Where on earth do people keep their coats in normal sized homes? They are so cumbersome and coat hooks just end up looking like a mountain and in my house the ones at the bottom remain out of sight out of mind.

In my dream coat room I would like them all hung on a rail in order of use (rain/wind/extreme cold/casual/weekend/evening) none of them would be touching the floor, perhaps I would have varying height rails that with the touch of a button lower for my ease of reach.

Coats as you can tell are my weakness, I don’t have enough to fill a walk-in closet but I could fill one no problem with the coats I wish I owned, they are the thing I find most difficult to resist in the way other people love shoes or handbags. I adore being warm and cosy but its also because a coat finishes a look for me, and let’s be honest in the UK they are necessary 80% of the year.

Coat Essentials start with the ones built to protect us from the elements, Raincoats as a rule don’t tick both the waterproof and the cosy boxes, they can do either or so I buy mine big enough to layer over a big hoodie, raincoats must have a generous hood and cover your knees, Rains & Stutterheim are the best brands for geeky but cool waterproofs.

Practical coats out of the way and the fun starts, Tailored, Trench Coats, floor-sweeping, Statement, Shearling, Camel, Checked, Belted, the list goes on, but what coats do a well rounded wardrobe really need?

If i was to buy just one coat that ticked lots of boxes it would be calf length as it really is the most versatile length, i would choose wool (ideally with a little bit of cashmere for softness) a masculine fit, slightly oversized and it must have pockets, not those funny stitched closed things, real life pockets and it would be in dark grey, navy blue or this seasons Chocolate Brown.

But one coat would be lonely in my imaginary walk-in coat wardrobe, I better go coat shopping, make sure its got company.


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